Many Variations of Start of Year

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The variations of how students are getting educated is as individualized as our students. Start dates (or proposed) for in person varies per district (all over San Diego county) and re-opening plans are crazy detailed. Imagine telling elementary age students … Continued

New School Year 2020

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It’s 2020 and it is the most controversial return to a school year in our history. Returning students (and teachers) to school has become a political divide and I am sad to see this happen when we are talking about … Continued


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Wow, we made it to summer. In most years this is an important milestone. In 2020 this is even more worthy of noting. If I stop and think about it for a few minutes, the past 13 weeks have been … Continued

Distance Teaching?

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Distance teaching is a necessity, it’s not a choice. But we have to ask ourselves a question: which distance teaching are we doing? Whether it comes to video lessons or pressing pupils with grades…. Doing something traditional in an innovative … Continued

Heading into Week 10….

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As we head into yet another week of Shelter in Place (in most of California, other states are on different schedules to re-open)……a few reflections. We’ve all had some “breathing room”, including Mother Earth. Animals are coming out in areas … Continued

Waiting on Re-Opening….

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So, it’s the time to start talking about the opening. San Diego County Beaches opened today (some to follow). That’s a start. We will find out Friday what comes next. In the meantime, get used to wearing the masks………these may … Continued

Is it over yet?

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At the beginning of the stay at home orders some families, mine included, saw it as a time to re-group, slow down, go to the beach. Some families of children with special needs panicked and then got into a routine. … Continued