In the moment….

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Koa on the Sofa, and he knows he’s not allowed

We have been in “stay at home” orders for 7 weeks now and we are about done as restrictions in certain areas are being lifted, depending on the county and city guidelines. Beaches are open (yay). We have enjoyed every moment with our dog, Koa. Dogs are amazing companions simply because they are so “in the moment” as this picture depicts. It’s really challenging to be in the moment when we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, next week or even in the next few months as we try on a “new normal”. With that said, I wanted to share a positive connection with a neighbor who is a third grade teacher in Carlsbad. She was walking her dog past our house as Koa and I were headed for a morning beach walk. She said she had to be “online” in a few minutes so had to get home. When asked about being online her face lit up and she said “it’s been great”. And then she shared the fun stories the kids are telling when they get on for office hours. Some dress in funny hats, or their bike helmets. They share their animals, younger siblings, parents’ stories and are just happy to share, even virtually rather than in person. Kids are in the present, too. And we should lean on them right now, in the uncertainty. I had a smile on my face the whole walk on the beach, just from this encounter. Aloha!