Waiting on Re-Opening….

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So, it’s the time to start talking about the opening. San Diego County Beaches opened today (some to follow). That’s a start. We will find out Friday what comes next. In the meantime, get used to wearing the masks………these may be in place for some time if you are in public. I don’t find mine comfortable, especially around my nose and considering that my glasses fog up…. SD Union Tribune had a nice article this weekend about a mom with 3 boys on the spectrum. There were some good ideas for helping with routines, etc. But one mentioned the wearing of masks. I went “duh” kids are going to have to wear these too! So one suggestion I’d like to make is that try having your child wear the mask while they do something they enjoy (a special interest) such as video games or screen time. Then the sensory is compensated by the special interest. Just a suggestion. And another one is………….please watch John Krasinzki’s SOME GOOD NEWS (find on youtube.com). Each episode brings tears to my eyes. Aloha!