A new school year begins….

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It’s that time of year….the flexibility of summer is coming to it’s end and time for the routines of school to usher in. For some on the spectrum, the summer, with it’s lax in timelines and routines can be more stressful. Others need the break from the school routine where they are always “on”. No matter the resistance (to go to school or to embark on summer)…. time keeps on chugging away. It’s best to remember to prepare, visually by writing down, the new routine. If possible, visit the school site a few days before school opens to alleviate first day stress. Parents, it’s a good idea to write a “quick guide” (one page total) of your child by describing special interests or helpful keys to understanding how your child thinks. Give an idea of how your child can be the”expert” in the class, such as the math wiz. For more ideas see the chapter in Quirky, Yes. And remember, special is better than perfect! Cynthia