It’s Fall Y’all……

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I’m hoping that your Fall is treating you well. It’s been a hot one but now we are seeing some cooler, Fall like weather on our horizon. What kinds of things does your family like to do in the Fall? What traditions do you enjoy and are these the same “before Covid” or have things changed a bit? I’ve had a few more pleasant IEP meetings in the past month but some are contentious. It always surprises me when a school team’s first response is “no”. Where’s the collaboration? In today’s meeting, which was a good one, the goals needed to be more “lofty”. When I pointed that out the team said, “Mom, do you want lofty?” As if the mom would say “no, I want the goals to be beneath my son”.

But, they did adjust the goals and it wasn’t a big deal. Other meetings I find that it’s a struggle. I’m not sure why. Could it be a concern that they won’t meet the goals? So what? They are a prediction. Throughout the year data is collected and the document can be adjusted (it’s not written in stone). A little more give and take is what we need not just in IEP meetings but throughout our world as it is. Finding out someone’s viewpoint should be priority, talking it out benefits us all. Aloha!