Educational Consulting

1 hr
Includes first meeting and phone connect, thereafter one hour per consult as needed.

Initial Consultation & Records Review

2 hr 30 min
Includes meeting you and your child for one hour, plus review of records you provide (preferably electronically).


Covers the intake, review of records, discussing the assessment with you by phone, reaching out to the district on your behalf, and attendance at IEP meetings (most meetings here in North County are 2 hours in length although sometimes a second or even a third meeting needs to occur to complete the IEP process).

Eligibility Testing Services

6 hour min
Includes ADOS-2 testing with child/student or adult, adult/parent or caregiver interview and written reports. Includes review of any previous reports. These tests support SDRC services, health insurance beyond the age of 26 and conservatorship.

Independent Educational Evaluation (I.E.E.)

Complete psychological testing including cognitive processing and academic testing, rating scales and observations. Includes attendance at IEP meeting.


I don’t charge you for travel, quick phone calls and emails, or emails to the district, etc. I do charge if you need a long (more than 15 minutes) phone consultation and that is usually at $75/hour. Otherwise my attending a meeting is $175/hour virtually and $225/hour in person. If we need to consult with other specialists (i.e. doctors, ABA staff, etc.) I do charge my hourly rate.


I invoice through Quickbooks after a meeting, consult or if there’s been a few, at the end of the month. I don’t take credit cards but do take Venmo, Apple Pay and checks.