Adjusting to a Virtual World….

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Max, taken by Hannah, 2

All right, it’s time to remember to keep humor in our lives with virtual learning/meetings. Above is Max, whose “human” found this picture on his phone, taken by his two year old daughter who seems to be taking up photography. I thought it was perfect to share for a blog and asked for permission to do so. Here are things I’ve observed lately…….

Many districts want to put the pressure on parents for lack of their children’s access in online learning. Let’s all agree it is on everyone’s shoulders, why place the blame on parents who have truly been the heroes (besides essential workers, first responders and health care workers) throughout the pandemic? In a recent meeting the administrator stated “parents refused to participate”….WHAT?

Teachers are struggling with the technology but second graders are coming to the rescue. In a Zoom observation I watched my client give the teacher a tutorial at how to help another student get into the right “breakout room” for P.E. Those second graders were so on it with muting themselves, then unmuting to answer questions. And the teacher was so on it watching the kiddos on screen and reminding students to get out their paper (if they were missing a handout), etc.

There are students who are showing regression, pure and simple, since the school closures and distance learning began. Others are thriving. Data is key and it’s all there. It’s individual and to think all kiddos should be learning in the same trajectory needs to be extinguished.

Some of my families are more comfortable with the video off in the Zoom. One administrator started to say that the parent needed to be on camera. WHAT? I convinced the team that it was not a requirement, but a request.

Signing documents has taken on a whole new meaning. Some systems make it easy, others are more challenging. I still want those notes read or at least shared before the meeting is adjourned, no excuses (though “Covid” has been an easy one to use).

In the midst of it all, the students are the most adaptable and resilient ones.

We are all adjusting. Even Max, the hound dog, to the new normal. How about you?