Spring is Around the Corner!

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As we are getting close to the one year mark of school closures, I thought I would look for something hopeful to write about. We are looking at possible school re-openings (for those not already hybrid or opened) by April. That is great news for so many of the families for whom I advocate. This post is about being mindful and celebrating the present, which is that the signs are here that Spring is close.

The original word for spring was lent. And not in the religious term, but to mean “long or longer” as in longer days. Have you noticed that the days are getting longer (sunset is almost at 6:00!)? And soon we will “spring ahead” for daylight savings time (March 14th) and our sunsets will be after 7 p.m.! We can spend more time at our wonderful beaches or simply outside.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields opened today. That, to me, is Spring in Carlsbad. Besides flowers, the strawberries will be ripe and ready at the outside stands.

As we get ready to move into a busy school season, albeit different, let’s stay mindful that good things are coming our way! Aloha!