Is it over yet?

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At the beginning of the stay at home orders some families, mine included, saw it as a time to re-group, slow down, go to the beach. Some families of children with special needs panicked and then got into a routine. … Continued

Sheltering in Place

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Hi there, as we navigate this un precedented time I wanted to share a few online resources for your children/teens to keep up with an academic routine. Here are a few resources and Keep Calm and Carry On, … Continued

Workability not Unusual….

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My husband and I enjoy going to the movies. At our local Regal Theater there is an employee that gives me hope for situations such as this to not be unusual. The girl collecting tickets at the entrance to the … Continued

Welcome to a New Decade

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So, we are a month into the new year. It’s a good time to stop and think about what we had hoped to be doing (maybe a resolution, maybe just a hope for time to do something) and to reflect, … Continued


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Holidays can be challenging to children, teens and adults with autism as there are many changes in routine as well as many more people to meet/see. Add travel and you have even more stressors. It doesn’t mean that you avoid … Continued


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Hi, this video that showed on is really what inclusion is all about. Posting for those who have asked to share…My middle son, Isaac, is severely intellectually disabled and rarely gets to participate in the same activities as his … Continued

A new school year begins….

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It’s that time of year….the flexibility of summer is coming to it’s end and time for the routines of school to usher in. For some on the spectrum, the summer, with it’s lax in timelines and routines can be more … Continued

On my Own

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After closing CASE, Inc. I wasn’t ready to launch on my own. I enjoyed working with my partners at TRIO Consultants but it was time for each to go their own way, experiencing other ways to contribute to those with … Continued

To be a warrior

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To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life. September 13, 2017by Dr. Cynthia Norall I’ve been told that many are wondering what I’ve been up to since October, 2016. Along with this … Continued